Why we started Inviga

In 2016 Craig Paterson and I left our corporate jobs to start Conduit Associates, armed only with a vision to solve what we saw as one of the major problems within the IT industry – the high failure rate of software delivery projects.

We set about helping our customers to go into projects better prepared to deal with complex software development, challenging engagement models, and historically low success rates. Our catch phrase was ‘setting up projects for success’.

While we had a lot of success with our approach in Conduit, one thing almost stopped us in our tracks. It doesn’t matter how good the project’s foundations are, success ultimately comes down to the quality and determination of the people building the software. We found we were constantly being drawn into the development and delivery of the projects, instead of focusing on what we were passionate about – building the foundations for success.

Over the years we’ve built up a small but highly talented team of designers and developers, all of whom are experienced and passionate about building software. In turn we also found a new passion – providing our customers with the best development team available – and hence Inviga was born. Inviga is an independent software development company focusing on integration solutions, integrated user experiences and AI and mobile experiences.

Making up the management team of Inviga is myself and Jamie Mack. Jamie has an extensive technical background, having worked on some of Queensland’s largest and most complex IT systems. He is passionate about software development and helping organisations achieve their software project goals.

As we move forward past the launch of Inviga, I am looking forward to reconnecting with old customers and partners to see where Inviga can assist in getting the best out of current and new technology systems and initiatives. 

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