Our Story

At Inviga, we’re a team of software development experts who are passionate about using technology to help businesses thrive. Founded in 2021 by Craig Paterson, Jamie Mack, and Tony Webster, Inviga was formed out of a shared frustration with the state of the IT industry and the lack of results that many businesses were experiencing with vendors who didn’t truly understand their needs. We strive to be a different kind of technology partner, one that listens to our clients and works with them to achieve their goals.

Why Us?

Our expertise in Microsoft technologies allows us to provide a wide range of solutions, including integration, artificial intelligence, and business applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central. We understand that each business is unique and we take the time to understand your specific needs in order to tailor our solutions to meet them.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients and our team of experienced developers, project managers, and business analysts work closely with you to ensure that your technology is working for you, not against you. We believe in providing the highest level of service and support, and we’re always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer assistance.

At Inviga, we’re more than just a technology vendor, we’re a true partner that is committed to helping your business thrive. Let us help you make the most of the technology at your disposal and achieve your business objectives.


We’re passionate about delivering bespoke, innovative solutions that enable your organisation to reach its full potential.


Inviga has the technological expertise you need to improve day-to-day operations, while keeping the bigger picture in mind.


We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients to ensure the end result benefits your entire team.


New business ideas always working their way to your desk? Our powerful, effective solutions help you achieve your organisation’s short, medium, and long-term strategic goals.


We empower you and your team to optimise and enhance existing systems, and even automate day-to-day processes, to ultimately help your team make better business decisions.


Regulatory changes can throw a spanner in your software systems, we’ll help you stay up to date with the creative solutions for your industry and application

Chatbots and Personal Assistants

Make your employees' lives easier with a virtual personal assistant that will handle admin and sales tasks on their behalf.

Automated Form Processing

Use automated form processing to improve your customer service and speed up your processes.

Smart Invoice and Receipt Processing

Smart invoice and receipt processing helps to automate the process of managing bills and receipts.

Data Insights

Gain valuable insights to make better decisions and streamline processes.

Dynamics 365 / Business Central Integration

Automate end-to-end business processes, including updating customer and sales data in both Dynamics 365 CRM and Business Central automatically.

Dynamics 365 / Legacy System Integration

Extend the life of your legacy system by connecting it with Dynamics 365 CRM to gain modern process automation features and productivity tools.

Business Central / Manufacturing System Integration

Send orders directly from the shop floor, and keep track of your inventory and production efficiently by integrating your manufacturing system with Microsoft Business Central.

Web Site / Internal Systems Integration

Deliver fantastic customer service by integrating your website with your internal systems to streamline processes and provide faster responses.

Customer Portal / Internal Systems Integration

Provide more comprehensive services and access to customer relationship data by integrating your customer portal directly with your internal systems.

Integration Assisted Data Migrations

De-risk your system upgrades and migrations by running old and new systems side by side while automatically keeping the data up to date in both.

System Upgrades

Upgrade from legacy systems to Cloud hosted Applications like Microsoft Azure, D365 and SharePoint.

Dynamics 365 Implementation

Whether Dynamics 365 CRM or Business Central to use the core features available or extend with custom development

SharePoint Implementation

Upgrade your older SharePoint Intranet to SharePoint Online and take advantage of the latest functionality.

Mobile Development

Take your business applications out of the office with a mobile solution tailored to your business needs

Custom Application Development

Develop custom applications to meet your unique needs and deploy on premise or in the Cloud.